The Benefits of a Man Cave or a She Shed

Whether it’s a Man Cave or a She Shed, at Shaun’s Sheds we create bespoke outdoor spaces as a stylish and cheaper alternative to extending your home.


Many small business owners have opted for an outdoor working area, instead of a stuffy office. These can also double up as a cosy and relaxing space, away from the stresses of family life, while still just being at the end of the garden. Imagine, being able to work in peace with no toys scattered over the floor or sticky fingers grabbing at things they know they shouldn’t be grabbing.


Because we create bespoke designs, this outdoor building can be made to fit your needs and lifestyle as well as the shape of your garden, for example an office or private reading room would need plenty of natural light as well as room for an office chair and desk or a comfortable arm chair or lounger. You could decorate the interior with plants to allow a more relaxed feel as well as a bookcase for all of your favourite reads.

A Bespoke Shed from Shaun's Sheds

Another more luxurious option for an outdoor building would be to create every techies dream and adapt this space to become a personal cinema room. After we have built the outdoor space, all that would need to be done is put a couple of comfortable sofas in, install blackout blinds and a projector and a pull down screen can be wired in along with a sound system, which is surprisingly simple to do. Film posters or canvases can be placed on the walls for decoration and you can even connect your gaming consoles to the projector for the ultimate gaming experience.


For a more social Man Cave experience, imagine popping out to the local for a pint with your mates… at the end of your garden. Personal bars have become increasingly popular over the years as you can buy and install your own kegs and invite round the people you would want, either as large gatherings or just couple of your closest friends. You can style the interior to fit the vibe you want, whether it’s modern and classy, or that classic pub vibe. All you will need is a counter, some taps with kegs and/or a mini fridge with a selection of beverages and some bar stools. Alternatively for those of you who would rather have a She-Shed, how about a wine bar?

Outdoor bars not appealing to you or is tech not your thing? This is where a She Shed comes in. Whilst the boys have their toys, the women can use their outdoor spaces in more ways than just to keep the gardening tools somewhere safe and dry.


You can create a beautiful sanctuary for the ultimate relaxation and mindfulness experience. Personalising a bespoke shed with plenty of natural lighting and a place to unwind and relax, away from the stresses of family life or to unwind after work. Maybe for the winter months a cosy fireplace to keep you warm and a blanket for comfort would come in handy and a couple plants or fresh flowers to bring life into the room.


Here in Cornwall we’re never more than sixteen miles from a beach, no matter where you are situated. Whether it’s the cute and quirky coastal town of Porthmeor or the picturesque beaches surrounding Newquay, why not bring a little bit more of that Cornish beach vibe to your garden. Imagine an nautical themed summer house with wide opening glass doors, perfect for evenings chilling out and watching the sunset after a barbeque in the garden with family and friends, surrounded by flickering candle lanterns. Beach chairs and blankets will give your outdoor building a cosy and warm feel, perfect for spending beautiful Cornish summer evenings either relaxing on your own or with your loved ones.

A Bespoke Shed from Shaun's Sheds

Alternatively, if your small business or hobby is suffering at the hands of your children or husband, an outdoor building as a workspace would work excellently. For example, a bespoke garden building can offer huge amounts of space for a wide array of innovative storage ideas for the items you would need for your craftwork or sewing; this idea would be incredibly helpful to keep sharp objects and delicate fabrics away from children. This room would be complete customisable to your needs and you would be able to decorate this area as a handy and creative environment.


There are a huge amount of uses for a Man Cave or a She Shed, even if none of the options I have mentioned appeal to you, there is something for everyone at Shaun’s Sheds.


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