Reasons A Garden Building Is A Must-Have In Cornwall

Shaun’s Sheds is based in Redruth, Cornwall offering a whole range of garden buildings and bespoke designs for your needs.

The high-quality timber buildings we provide can come in a whole range of sizes, fitting perfectly into your home and your vision to transform your garden space.

In Cornwall, we’re a creative bunch and share a love for the outdoors. Whether it’s spending a summer’s day gardening or taking your surfboard to the beach, a shed is a must have.

A garden building can have a number of uses including, sheds for storage, summerhouses, workshops, studios, animal housing or simply provide a space to retreat to.

Sheds for storage

At Shaun’s Sheds, we can offer anything from a standard shed to an upgrade with additional features. This could be double half glazed doors to a specific door fixing – the choice is completely yours.

A shed is great for storing objects and machinery you don’t want in your house, or garage. It could be files, tools, surfboards or even the Christmas decorations!

De-clutter your home

Introducing a shed could be the answer to your cluttered home. This way you can get organised and create the space you need.


If you are worried about the protection of your shed, don’t forget that you can additional features such as secure locks.

This way you can sleep easy knowing that your belongings are in safe hands, with a high-quality timber building that is secure.

Take a look at some of our previous work below!

A summerhouse all year round

A summerhouse is perfect all year round to find a space to unwind and relax. You can have any design you fancy, making it homely and suitable for you – even in the rain!

It could be a small space by yourself to enjoy your hobbies or larger to facilitate larger gatherings when the sun is shining.

Great for family time

When the sun is shining, a summerhouse is a great addition to enjoy with friends and family. There is nothing better than hanging out in the garden, having a BBQ and a few drinks during the summer. A summerhouse gives guests a chance to sit down in comfort and relax, or get some shade and privacy.

Complete your garden

Do you have green fingers? Make your garden a space of tranquillity and a spot where you can simply relax in beautiful surroundings.

You can have a garden building that suits the needs of your garden. If you want it to blend in nicely, have a chat to a supplier who can direct you with the best guidance.

Make a home for your animals

Animal housing in Cornwall is growing in popularity. From dogs to birds, Shaun’s Sheds has experience in building all sorts of outbuildings for an array of animals.

Chat to our team today, we can design a practical solution for your animal needs.

Make it a place for your passions or maintain a good work-life balance

We can make a garden building with your exact requirements. It could be that you would like a space outdoors that will act as your office, hobby area or a simple place to relax.

Now more people love the idea of having a retreat within their home where they will be faced with no distractions.

If you work at home, a space detached from your house could be a great way to separate your work and personal life. Even if it is just in the garden, you can manage your working hours more efficiently and concentrate better.

For those who enjoy hobbies at home such as knitting, painting, working on machinery, an outdoor building can be the answer to your problems.

It could be that you’re materials and tools are spread around your home, or that you need a quiet spot to work on your passions. A shed or garden building can offer a place to focus on what you love most, without getting in the way of other things!

Man cave

We have all heard of man caves! Maybe you’re a guy who just wants some alone time or a spot to enjoy with his mates. A man cave is a place to make it your own, without anyone else telling you otherwise!

Decorate it how you like, use it for everything you enjoy and have a bespoke design you can call your own.

Don’t forget women can have caves too!

Added value to your home

With a bespoke, handmade garden building such as a shed or a summerhouse this can add value on your property.

People will appreciate the added feature of a shed, especially if they are concerned about storage. It could also be that they love being outdoors, gardening or relaxing in the garden. A summerhouse is a great addition, especially when you expect to be inviting people around for social events.

It is therefore important that you have a high-quality timber building so potential buyers will be interested in the additional feature.

Get creative

What’s great about a garden building in Cornwall is that you can get creative with decoration, uses and features. Whether you want to add furniture, a lick of paint or heating. This a project you can get stuck into – you can also ask your supplier if there is anything else they could help with.

Bespoke for your needs

Choosing a garden building in Cornwall can be a difficult task. You need to take into consideration size, space and your needs before making a purchase.

That’s why a bespoke garden building will tick all the boxes. Here at Shaun’s Sheds we can create customised sheds to suit your exact needs and visions.

It could be that your garden is oddly shaped, but do not fear! We can make it work.

Contact Shaun’s Sheds

Interested in a shed or a garden building in Cornwall? Our friendly team are happy to discuss your ideas and requirements.

We create bespoke sheds and buildings to suit your needs. Outdoor buildings can be used for a number of reasons, tell us your visions and we’ll do everything we can to make it a reality!

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