Animal Housing

At Shaun’s Sheds, quality timber sheds aren’t the only bespoke product we offer. We produce a wide range of timber animal housing, suitable for an array of animals – from energetic dogs to talkative birds!

Shaun’s animal housing is the ideal home for your animal to adore. With high quality design and use of resources, your pet will be safe and secure within their new surroundings.
If you wish to customise your animal housing, we are more than happy to fulfil your wishes and reach the needs of you and your pet. With our beautiful timber design, combined with your wishes – you will soon have an animal house that is the perfect fit within your garden.

From four storey rabbit huts, duck houses, aviaries, poultry houses to two storey cat houses – the choice is endless! Customisation can include a number of additions such as sizes, windows, doors and latches to suit your pet and the size of your garden. Our practical design will make cleaning a fuss-free job and you will have easy access to your pet at all times.

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